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Paper Cones-Tubes


Following the world's newest technologies and offering the highest quality yarn carriers

As 4MAIMEX, we supply paper cones which are an indispensable part of textile sector to our customers in desired sizes, colors and various designs.


According to usage areas; The outer surface is glossy or matte, the inner surface is printed-printed, the bottom part is notched in various shapes

It is made of superior holding paper that maintains the quality of the yarn. It does not cause bouncing or vibration during yarn winding. 

Our quality-certified and reliable collaborators in each country provide 24/7 support and service for our valued customers. Our customers’ special requests are always answered smoothly.



In addition to the more commonly used sizes, 4’20 °, 3’30 °, 1’51 °, 3’50 °, 5’57 °, we are also able to make custom production according to the different requests and needs of our customers.