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Pallet Covers


Following the world's newest technologies and offering the highest quality yarn carriers

By adding various additives (UV, Anti-Fusion, etc.) according to the usage conditions, in the desired thicknesses according to the load carrying capacity; It is produced in bags and rolls for automatic or manual use. Brick, ceramics, raw materials, etc. These products, which are used in the packaging of the products, are used by heating with an automatic oven and a torch, and by tightly wrapping the product inside, it prevents the distribution of pallets, and protects the product from the harmful effects of rain, dust and sun.

Polyethylene Pallet Covers are used for temporary and short term storage to cover materials on a pallet and are an economical alternative to a pallet cover tarp. These Poly Gusseted Pallet Covers Bags are perfect for light/medium/heavy duty usage. Pleated sides expand to the width of a standard pallet; industrial strength polyethylene offers inexpensive protection.

Pallet cover is a packaging material produced from PE raw material, protecting the products stacked on the pallet from external factors, preventing damage during transport and regular storage.

Pallet covers, white goods, furniture, ceramic packaging, liquid bottle packaging, electronics, metal industry and many other industrial areas are used.

The pallet cover (thickness-size) determined according to the weight of the material to be packed is subjected to heat treatment by passing it over like the hat of the material to be packed. As a result of the heat treatment, the film is stretched in the transverse and longitudinal directions and the packed material is completely rolled. The cooling film protects the packaging material from external influences.

Pallet cover hoods cover the whole area of the pallet and protects any damage that could occur from outside. Shrink option is also available and this bag could be heated and shrinked with a heating and creates a solid pallet before shipment.