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As the 4MAIMEX family, we offer the best quality and most affordable products thanks to our extensive worldwide network. We offer paper cones, wax rolls, baby clothes, textile machines, pallets, packing materials, bobbin tapes, air compressors machines.

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As 4MAIMEX; With its young and dynamic structure, the company is a family-owned company, each of which consists of different fields of expertise, graduating from various schools around the world. The company’s activity is:


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Our Products

We are the representative of Global Compressor, one of the young and dynamic teams in Turkey. You can choose the one you want according to the features you need.

As 4MAIMEX, we supply paper cones which are an indispensable part of textile sector to our customers in desired sizes, colors and various designs.

It is made of superior holding plastic that maintains the quality of the yarn. It does not cause bouncing or vibration during yarn winding. You can examine all the colors, structures and details.

Wax Rolls


Wax rolls by 4MAIMEX are manufactured to particularly high-level standards. It stands for consistently high quality with many benefits for the yarn application process.

We produce self-adhesive and non-adhesive finished tapes.
Our tapes are used on roving reels in spinning mills.

We offer quality choices in packaging materials. You can take advantage of our advantageous prices.


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Specialist team from various countries of the world.

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We synthesize the valuable ideas coming from our customers with our production logic and create a service principle for each customer. 30 Not recording to us, we produce according to you.

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Timely production. Online shipment tracking refund for each delayed day.

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Why buy a standart product more expensive? Extra service, fast production, reasonable price, special on-site visits. Available Worldwide As 4MAIMEX GROUP; We provide service to any country in the world without any problem througn our local teams. You got something on your mind? Our related teams will contact you. TECHNOLOGY PARTNERS We work in partnership with all the major technology suppliers, developing first class solutions for our clients.

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The best raw paper material from global paper manufacturer. Better adhesive quality of bobbin  tapes. The best condition textile machines with helped service. Don’t hesitate to request us for anything. Cause it’s is possible everything for our team.

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